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Backup Folder in title

Folder Backup Folder Backup is a handy little utility that backs up a folder and all it's contents to another location
Size: 13 KB
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backup data copy data folder Folder Backup folder bakup  
Backup Folder Sync Backup your folder with ease
Size: 578.72K
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backup synchronizer Folder Backup sync backup file  
Folder Copy and Backup Folder Copy and Backup Copy manually, auto backup your files.
Size: 2.22MB
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backup copy aimersoft dvd ripper apache tomcat 6  
Folder Copy & Backup Copy manually, auto backup, sync, and transfer any type of files between various storage media.
Size: 2.2M
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Auto Backup copy media Storage Account Sync Auto Type  
KR-Folder Backup KR-Folder Backup can backup and restore your important data
Size: 1.6 MB
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backup restore compress Folder Backup backup directory  
Automatic Folder Backup Backup entire folders periodically.
Size: 831.8K
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data loss avoid data loss  

Backup Folder in tags

WPBackup A small command line tool for backuping folders from your hard drive
Size: 59 KB
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backup archive snapshot archive file Backup Folder  
vAndel Save-it This application allows you to create backup to your important files.
Size: 562 KB
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backup restore save create backup Backup Folder save file  
myEasySync myEasySync is a small application to synchronize two folders
Size: 363 KB
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backup synchronizer folder synchronize File synchronizer  
BackupChain Powerful backup software backs up live virtual machines and databases. Fully configurable, multithreaded backups with versioning, USB, Delta Compression, and FTP. Built-in FTP server enables receiving
Size: 21 MB
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backup notification scheduler ftp backup online backup  
SecureBackup Don't lose your precious family photos or videos. Backup your music collection, email, and other important documents with our fully automated and secure online backup solution. SecureBackup is very ea
Size: 3 MB
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backup restore scheduler backup data Backup Folder  
CrashPlan An automated backup solution that runs quietly in the background, automatically protecting files
Size: 29.9 MB
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backup restore remote backup solution Backup Folder  

Backup Folder in description

Backup4Sure Lite It features that: Backup files or Folders to any drive or network folder on your computer. Folder to folder copy Folder synchronization Backup to ZIP file Span to multiple disks Keep multiple backup c...
Size: 1.43 MB
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computer clock show clock Synchronize computer clock  
Folder Backup Folder Backup is a handy little utility that backs up a folder and all it's contents to another location. Folder Backup is most useful for C drive to slave drive backup. [b]Requirements:[/b] · .N...
Size: 13 KB
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backup data copy data folder Folder Backup folder bakup  
RD's Little Windows Backup Portable Backup your data! - Easy and save Each new backup is in its own folder - only changed or new files are stored again. A "Current"-folder is hard linked to the physical backup files. Deleted files are ...
Size: -
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Automatic Backup Manger EditBy Automatic Backup Manger v1.0.8 is a tool to backup your folder automatically according to your requirement.This tool can backup data to external hard drive,USB ,network or any other storage dev...
Size: 289KB
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AFBSoft-SkyDrive you need to set a destination Folder and a working time interval) realtime oneway; - FolderSync ( manual backup, you need to set the target folder) - coming soon!
Size: 0.95 MB
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Create Creator backup restore Auto Backup skydrive  
Auto Start Backup Place a shortcut to the program in your start up Folder and ensure that your last backup was your daily backup (this utility starts any type of backup) and thatyour backup media is available.
Size: 43K
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backup tag backup System Backup Google Documents backup